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Exciting News! BlackBag to Join Cellebrite Family

Dear Customer,

I am excited to share with you that we have acquired BlackBag Technologies, the industry leader in Computer Forensics for access and analysis solutions.

The acquisition further extends Cellebrite’s leadership position, as the premier provider of integrated Digital Intelligence Solutions and expands our commitment to be your "one-stop-shop", capable of meeting your most challenging digital investigation needs. This merger allows Cellebrite to accelerate the delivery of new Digital Intelligence Solutions and services to empower your organization while maximizing the efficiency and accuracy of your digital investigations.

Our portfolio of Digital Intelligence Solutions, with the addition of BlackBag Technologies, now will offer innovative forensic acquisition and analysis tools for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android-based devices, which empowers your organization to access, manage, and leverage digital data to the fullest potential.

If you currently have BlackBag products, you will not notice any changes to the world class service, support, and product innovation you are accustomed to.

I invite you to learn more about how Cellebrite can assist you to address your digital investigation needs.

With warm regards,

Yossi Carmil Co-CEO, Cellebrite

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