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Virus Outbreak Contact & Location Management leveraging Digital Intelligence (DI)

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In our connected world today, any outbreak of virus deteriorates rapidly to global epidemic when left unchecked. SARS in 2003 killed 775, Swine flu in 2009 killed 203,000 and now the coronavirus originating from Wuhan, China is starting its rampage posing a major threat to the public health and the well-being of society.

While medical researchers race to create detection kits, vaccines and cures which takes months and years; outbreaks must first be contained fast. Countries, states and cities can be isolated fast but results in huge negative stigma of public panic and exposure of large uninfected population to the few victims caged in with insufficient resources to properly isolate and help the victims.

Digital Intelligence technology developed by Cellebrite collects and uses artificial intelligence to automatically analyze relevant digital life data from victims to accurately narrow the circles of persons and locations associated with each and all victims within a few hours. Accurate rather than mass isolation management allows governments and health care agencies to calm public sentiments and focus resources that can provide important good medical care for those in pain and at risk


Digital Intelligence starts with the smart collection of relevant data from mobile and social media of the victims and exposed individuals that is ingested into an AI powered analytics software for cumulative automated mapping and clear display of:

1. Contacts - Maps all the persons who have communicated or associated with the victims and exposed individuals that have been in physical contact during their incubation period.

2. Locations - Maps the geographical locations of the victims and exposed individuals during their incubation period for accurate identification of possible high-risk areas.

These mappings accurately narrow the virus exposed persons and locations for quick and effective isolation preventing further virus spread. Cellebrite’s DI solution is proven with more than 250 installations in the world and is ready to be deployed right out of the box with minimum training for immediate containment of virus outbreaks.

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